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SAM ROUTINE (STRENGTH AND MOBILITY)- This routine can be done at practice instead of static stretching, or at home in spare time. Can move on to other phases but discuss with Coach first

LMLS (Lunge Matrix and Leg Swings) - We do these before each run at practice. 


Recovery - Physical Therapy identifies weaknesses and strengthens them, helping runners stay healthy - Another physical therapy  center - Many of our runners have benefited from massage therapy!

Not sure what massage gun to buy? Check out this review guide!

Best Foam Rollers

News - Stats and info on Georgia High School XC/TF - Latest news on professional and college running - Latest news on National High School XC/TF - Latest news on National High School XC/TF - magazine about all things running

Stores - our local running store! Please support them because they support us!

Running Youtube Channels

Citius Mag- Running News, interviews, podcasts

Runner's World

Flotrack-Race videos, workout videos, interviews, news

Tinman Elite-videos from a professional training group

Yoga With Adriene- yoga for runners!

Runner Resources

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